A Preview of My Classroom for 2015-2016

I teach on a “Balanced Calendar”, which means we go back to school at the end of July.  I’m getting to this post about 2 weeks into the quarter, but here is a preview of what my classroom will look like before the students get here.


This quarter I am doing some form of printmaking with Grades 1-5, so I made this bulletin board with some artifacts I’ve collected over the years.  On the right is a big timeline of the history of printing.  I have a woodcut that I carved during an awesome professional development session I took part in on the campus of University of Illinois.

The poster in the middle that looks like something out of a Minecraft game was created by a workshop instructor at the Weiskamp Screenprinting poster workshops.  Below that are the screen I created last year when my 4th grade students made screen printed t-shirts with Mod Podge and embroidery hoops.  Next to the screen are two prints I made at the screen print workshop based on a page from one of my comic books.



I put signs on the tables to tell students where to put certain items during 1st quarter.  It used to drive me crazy to tell the kids to put everything in the center of the table and then see them make the tower of Babel out of the pencil boxes.

Kids are so literal.


When kids get done early, they are directed to check the bulletin board to see what they can do next.  This year, I found an awesome Where’s Waldo poster book on sale in the basement of the public library.  I laminated a couple of them and put them near the rug, so the little ones who can’t read have something to do if they don’t feel like drawing in their sketchbooks. IMG_8426

Below that I have a bunch of book boxes to store the sketchbooks.  Each teacher has their own box and each grade level has a color.


My dinosaur lamp from Target and the giant crayon and pencil posters I put up so kids know where to put things away!


A magazine rack with comic books a bookshelf with games and art books.  More comic books on the top shelf.

What can I say?  I wrote my Master’s Thesis on comic books!IMG_8429

Another view of my reading nook.  The shelf on the left has all the “How to Draw” books.


Professional Library and toy shrine behind my desk.  I used to have this displayed more prominently in the past, but my Pez dispensers kept getting stolen. 😦


My Speed Graphlex is being guarded by Wolverine and Buffy.


View from the rug.  I have a SMARTBoard and we read here and have discussions.


Rules and expectations posted here.  I use the Fantastic Four as a metaphor in my class for how each student comes with different abilities (powers) yet we come together as a team.



I made new mobiles above each table this year.  The old ones were pretty faded and I want to see if I can push some vocabulary with them.


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