Kindergarten Owl Paintings


UPDATE (10/29/2016):

I’ve updated a few of the videos in this post.  I also now have a youtube playlist of owl songs that kids can sing to when they are done working each time.  I project them on the screen and kids sing and dance while other students finish their paintings.

Each year, our Kindergarten classes put on a little play based on the book, Owl Babies.  I wanted to have the students make something in my art class that would support what they were doing and stumbled onto this lovely lesson at Deep Space Sparkle.

It took us five 40 minute class periods to complete these little gems and we had them hung up in time for parents to see when they came by for the play.

Day 1:

Last year I read Owl Moon to the students and then we spent the rest of the class period practicing drawing owls in our sketchbooks.  This year’s group is a little more wiggly, so I opted for a shorter book that I found at the Fall book fair called, Little Owl’s Night.

Day 2:

On the second day, we talk about mixing white in with the blue paint and make the sky background.

After all the painting were put away, I read some facts from Amazing Animals: Owls.

Day 3:

I suggest spending a day making an underpainting so the owls don’t have a blue tinge to them

This is a pretty short lesson, so this year I used this time to read Owl Moon.

Day 4:

Finally, I gave each table a palette with brown, yellow, and black tempera paint and we finished the owls.

Day 5:

On the last day, we worked on this sequencing worksheet to support the Common Core Literacy goals.


If you don’t have a copy of Owl Babies, here’s a great animated version of it:


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