Collaged Still Life Pictures Inspired by Paul Cezanne

“With an apple I will astonish Paris.” – Paul Cezanne

I stole borrowed this lesson from one of my colleagues in the school district.  This a good lesson to introduce Kindergarten to watercolor techniques.

Day one:

On the first day, each student got a half sheet of watercolor paper.  I had drawn 6 circles on it (I traced the inside of a roll of book tape) I also took only the green, red, and yellow cakes out of the watercolor sets.

A Note About Paper:

In the past, I’ve bought a big box of watercolor paper from Canson.  You get 500 sheets (90 lb) of 9″ x 12″ for roughly $120.  This year, I wanted something a little thicker, so I bought a bunch of Canson XL Pads.  They were $6 for 30 sheets (140 lb).  The thicker paper looked better and was great for my older students, but proved very difficult for Kindergarten students to cut.

Kindergarten watercolor painting

Day Two:

On the second day, we looked at various ways that bowls can be decorated.


Then I have the students trace around a 7″ half circle template and create a bowl to put their fruit in.

Day Three:

On the third day, I have the students put all their pieces together.  We have a great store in town that houses recycled material for creative reuse.  I bought a few wallpaper sample books and we used those for the background.  This year I let the kids use different colored construction paper for their tablecloths.

Day Four:

On the final day, I made four different examples of the project completed with various skill levels.  We all sat on the rug and the students assess the work and put them in order from worst to best.  Then I explained the self assessment grading rubric.  I think the kids were much more honest with themselves when self assessing after assessing the four pieces at the beginning of class.


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