Figure Drawing and Fashion Design in Elementary Art Class (Winter Myriorama Collages – Part One)

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.18.53 PM


This lesson has a little bit for everyone.  It starts with a fun story and moves into fashion design and figure drawing.  Then, it becomes a watercolor landscape lesson with some astronomy mixed in.  Finally, it introduces the idea of the Myriorama, which is a great way to have all the finished pieces look unified if you hang them out in the hall side by side.


Day One:

On the first day, I wear my red hunting cap and show the class my example.  Then we sit down and read Froggy Gets Dressed.  I usually do this lesson with younger students, but this year I did it with 3rd and 4th grade and they still loved reading the book.  You can have a lot of fun with this book.  I’ve seen people use flannel board manipulatives that show Froggy in various stages of dress. I have the students yell out Froggy’s “Wha-a-a-t?” after I read the part of the mother calling his name.  They love it!  Even the older kids.

Next I show the kids some examples of winter fashion and winter sports apparel.

Then we used paper mannequins to create winter outfits.

Next week: Aurora Borealis!



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