Aurora Borealis Watercolor Paintings (Winter Myriorama Collages – Part Two)


Last week, I began showing how I use Froggy Gets Dressed to introduce fashion design and figure drawing to elementary students.  Today let’s give give those figures a chilly place to be!

I got tired of all my watercolor skies looking the same.  Then I realized that 4th grade studies the solar system in our district, so I added a section about the Aurora Borealis and had students create Arctic skies with watercolor.

Day Two:

We begin by learning a little bit about the Aurora Borealis and then we jump into the watercolor demonstration.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I recommend using Canson XL pads of watercolor paper for a nice economical, yet thick paper.  We also use Prang Watercolor sets, which my school district orders in bulk and all the teachers in the district use them.  Some day, I’d like to invest in some nice large brushes so the kids can do washes the right way, but for now we just use the brush that comes with the watercolor set.

See you Wednesday for the conclusion of this lesson!


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