Teaching Young Students Basic Ceramics Procedures

I’ve written before about how I teach ceramics to the entire school during an 8 week period.

In today’s post, I will show you how I start each quarter when I teach ceramics.  In subsequent weeks, I give updates on what we’ve been up to and share lesson ideas that I’ve taught this quarter.

Bagging Up Clay

Before students even touch the clay, I talk about the clean up procedure.  I print out labels for each class with student and teacher names on them and save a HUGE amount of plastic shopping bags.  I explain that when they are done with their clay they will:

  • Bag it
  • Tag it
  • Put in the box

This simple little rhyme helps kids remember how to get their work put away if it is not finish by the end of the session.

Wedging Clay

Changes are, you are not going to have a group of kindergarten students throw a pot on the pottery wheel, so why teach them the complicated ram’s horn wedging technique.  You will most like like be giving them a little ball of clay to work with, so I teach them this simplified wedging technique called, Push-Push-Turn.  Its easy to remember and gets the job done.

I’ll be back in a few days to talk about making a coil built pot with 2nd grade, but until then, why don’t you get familiar with my Pinch Pot Owl Lesson or my Pinch Pot Fish Lesson.



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