Adding More Coils to the Coil Built Pot

This year, I’m having my students make little planters. I have been telling my students that they are my seeds it is my job to nurture them and make sure they can grow into the wonderful adults they will become. I also told them that these pots will be a reminder of how I want to care for each and every one of them while they are in my class.

So far, we have taken a day to wedge clay and go over clean up expectations for the unit.  On the second day, we learned how to roll a coil and turn it into the base of the pot. On the third day, we made one more coil and then I showed how to add it onto the base.

On the fourth and fifth days well built the pots even higher.  After building higher, let the pots sit and turn leather hard.  Then you can add texture and put the drainage hole in the bottom.


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